This program is being presented to provide individuals who have been approved by the Supreme Court of Nevada to act as mediators for matters in the Foreclosure Mediation Program, as well as, those individuals who would like to apply to be added to the Panel of Mediators.


The goal of this seminar is for mediators, attorneys and support staff to gain an understanding of procedures and requirements; the District Court's role; Home Means Nevada's role; mediator's role; homeowner responsibilities; and lender requirements.




FMP Administrative Aspects - Commissioner Erin Truman

Commissioner Truman will speak on the procedures mediators need to follow; what needs to be filed and how to get paid.


Using the Home Means Nevada Portal - representative from Home Means Nevada

The representative will provide a visual presentation on how to access the portal and best practices for its use.


Representing the Homeowner in the FMP - David Crosby, Esq.

Mr. Crosby will discuss representing the homeowner in the Foreclosure Mediation Program and the issues that arise from the homeowner's perspective, during mediation.


Representing the Lender in the FMP - Kristin Schuler-Hintz, Esq.

Ms. Schuler- Hintz will discuss representing the lender in the Foreclosure Mediation Program and how to be effective in your discussions with the lender during mediation.


How to Mediate and Facilitate a Resolution in the FMP - Nelson Segel, Esq.

Mr. Segal will discuss the role of a mediator in the foreclosure mediation process and address ethical considerations in doing so.





December 13, 2018

8 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.


State Bar of Nevada, Las Vegas

Northern Nevada Bar Center, Reno



Seminar Information
Seminar Date:
December 13, 2018
Nevada Board of Continuing Legal Education
General Credits: 3.50
Ethics Credits: 0.50
This seminar is no longer available for purchase.