Nevada Jury Instructions: Civil, 2018 EditionNewly updated in 2018, Nevada Jury Instructions: Civil is a valuable tool for any lawyer or firm participating in civil jury trials in Nevada! This downloadable publication offers hundreds of sample jury instructions in an easy-to-use format, which may be modified by attorneys for use in civil jury trials. This document is a compilation of sample jury instructions drafted for a wide variety of civil trials.  


This publication is the result of a collaborative effort by scores of lawyers, judges, law students and laypeople. In each template, the language is drafted with specific regard to the laws of the State of Nevada.  In most instances, these templates have been adapted from documents actually used in trial. 


The sample jury instructions are intended to summarize the contours of the law that a jury will apply to the facts. They are designed to tell a jury what must be proven in order for a party to prevail. In every case possible, the instructions were written from an objective point of view, with an eye to being as party-neutral as possible. 


The templates provided in this book are designed as a starting point for practitioners to craft custom jury instructions. As is the case with the use of any templates, you must customize the document for your own purposes.


The book includes subjects such as:

  • Contractual Relationships
  • Employment Law
  • Evidence
  • Experts
  • Intentional Torts
  • Fiduciary Relationships
  • Personal Injury Damages
  • Eminent Domain
  • and more...


NOTE: The publication is available in both PDF and Microsoft Word format, and both versions can be downloaded immediately after making your purchase. To begin, select "Purchase Individual Topics" to the right.


Hardcopies: There are no hardcopy versions of this publication available at this time. If there is sufficient interest, printed books may become available in the future. If you wish to be put on a wait-list for future printed copies, please email with your contact information.

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Nevada Jury Instructions: Civil, 2018 Edition

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