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Nevada Board of Continuing Legal Education Approved CLE Credit
  General Credits Ethics Credits Total Credits A.A.MH. Credit
A View from the Inside 0.50         
Advanced Family Law 2015 5.00 1.00      
Bankruptcy Basics for Litigators 1.00         
Constitutional Law with Professor Chemerinsky 2015 3.00    3.00   
Criminal Bills that Became Law - 2017 Legislative Session 1.00         
DUI Watkins' Way the Continuation 4.50 1.00 5.50   
Ethics of Law Practice Promotion    1.00      
Ethics Year in Review 2015    0.50 0.50   
Getting Wet - the 2017 Legislature Dives into Water 1.00         
Gotcha Defense: How to Make Your Clients Shine in the Media Spotlight 2.00         
Hot Topics and Emerging Trends in Utility Law and Regulation 5.00 1.00      
Insurance Law Updates from the 2017 Legislative Session 1.00         
Intellectual Property Law Conference 2015 8.00 1.00 9.00   
Leadership and the Law 0.50         
Legislative Update - Real Property Law Issues 1.00         
Managing Client Expectations: The Key to Avoiding Complaints    1.00      
Nevada 2017 Legislative Update: eSports and Other Adventures in Gaming Law 1.00         
Nevada Supreme Court Big Case Review 2015 1.00         
Nevada's Emerging Marijuana Market 1.50         
Nevada's New Appellate Landscape 3.00         
Nevada's New Energy Legislation - the Future is Now 1.00         
Psychology of Negotiation, Mediation Ethics and Appellate Court Practice Tips 4.00 2.00      
Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs and Emotional Support Dogs 1.00         
Summary Judgment Evidence 1.00         
The Dissolution of a Profession: How to Handle the Restructuring or Wind Down of a Professional Entity 1.00    1.00   
Tips for Practicing in the Nevada Court of Appeals 0.50         
Transitioning into Practice (TIP) Mentorship Program            
Who's Your Daddy? 1.00