Collapse Contract Templates for Nevada Attorneys

From the state bar's Publications Committee, Contract Templates for Nevada Attorneys provides lawyers with a large selection of form contracts drafted for a wide variety of transactions, with specific regard to the laws of the State of Nevada.


The forms provided in this book are designed as a starting point for practitioners to craft custom agreements.The templates can and should be customized to fit your clients' specific needs and requirements.


The publication includes various contract templates covering:

  • Lease agreements
  • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Escrow agreements
  • Bills of sale
  • Employment and contractor agreements
  • Confidentiality and non-compete agreements
  • Loan and security agreements
  • Deeds
  • Deeds of trust
  • Promissory notes
  • Assignments
  • Intellectual property and cyber law agreements
  • Corporate formation and merger agreements
  • Litigation agreements


The publication is available in both PDF and Microsoft Word format, and both versions can be downloaded immediately after making your purchase. To begin, select "Purchase Individual Topics" to the right.


Formats Available: Nevada Contract Templates for Attorneys - digital download
Original Seminar Date: March 20, 2017
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Collapse Nevada Appellate Practice Manual
2018 Edition

Nevada Appellate Practice Manual: 2018 EditionNevada Appellate Practice Manual: 2018 Edition


The 2018 Edition of the Nevada Appellate Practice Manual provides attorneys with a complete step-by-step guide to appellate law in Nevada, including practice tips. This edition has been updated to reflect recent changes in the law, as well as updated procedures for practicing in Nevada’s appellate courts.


It includes 20 chapters on several topics, such as:
• Initiating an appeal
• Jurisdiction
• Settlement
• Criminal appeals
• Fast-track child custody
• ...and more.


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Please note that an enhanced version of the digital download edition was uploaded on 6/5/18. If you downloaded the PDF prior to this date, we recommend you download the new version.

PRE-ORDER UPDATE: The softcover hardcopy editions are now in stock. All pre-orders have now been shipped to those customers who pre-ordered the digital/hardcopy bundle prior to June 27, 2018.


Table of Contents:

  • Foreword by Lead Editor Debbie Leonard
  • Chapter 1: History of Nevada’s Appellate Courts
  • Chapter 2: About the Appellate Courts
  • Chapter 3: Initiating the Appeal
  • Chapter 4: Jurisdiction and Appealability
  • Chapter 5: Settlement
  • Chapter 6: Writ Petitions
  • Chapter 7: Motion Practice
  • Chapter 8: Record Preparation
  • Chapter 9: Scope, Standards and Process of Review
  • Chapter 10: Briefs
  • Chapter 11: Oral Argument
  • Chapter 12: Dispositions
  • Chapter 13: Post-Judgment Issues
  • Chapter 14: Costs, Fees and Sanctions
  • Chapter 15: Amicus Curiae Practice in the Appellate Courts
  • Chapter 16: Appealing Agency Determinations
  • Chapter 17: Special Considerations for Criminal Appeals
  • Chapter 18: Fast-Track Child Custody Cases
  • Chapter 19: Nevada Appellate Pro Bono Program
  • Chapter 20: The Court of Appeals
Formats Available: Nevada Appellate Practice Manual 2018: Digital Edition
Original Seminar Date: May 22, 2018
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Collapse Nevada Business Entities

Nevada Business Entities is a must-have product for any attorney practicing in the area of business law.  The 2014 Edition is available as an instant digital download.

The updated 2014 Digital Edition includes:

  • New provisions related to (a) dissolution (b) to bankruptcy remote entities were added to Chapter 86 governing limited liability companies. 

  • Updated case law references. 

  • Updated forms, which now include consent to jurisdiction language. 

  • A discussion of new changes regarding jurisdiction over nonresident directors is also included. 

  • New rules pertaining to electronic meetings of corporations were added to Chapter 78. 

  • Discussion of the new “benefit corporations” has been added.  In the area of mergers, Chapter 92A was amended to allow boards of directors to give stockholders dissenters’ rights. 

  • Discussion of new case law governing derivative claims

Topics Include:

  • Business Trusts
  • Business Licenses and Fictitious Firm Filing
  • Corporations
  • General Partnerships
  • Judicial Restraints on Corporate Conduct
  • Limited Liability Companies
  • Limited Liability Partnerships
  • Limited Partnerships
  • Mergers, Exchange and Dissent
  • The Out-of-State Business

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Formats Available: 2014 Digital Only
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Collapse Nevada Gaming Law Practice and Procedure Manual
2016 Edition

Nevada Gaming Law Practice and Procedure Manual


Nevada Gaming Law Practice and Procedure Manual


Nevada is the epicenter of gaming. While Nevada’s entertainment centers continue to innovate, the state’s legislators, governing bodies and attorneys keep rapid pace, ensuring that the regulation of gaming in Nevada is equal to the task of staying at the forefront of this ever-changing industry and keeping Nevada the “gold standard” worldwide.


The Nevada Gaming Law Practice and Procedure Manual provides attorneys, regulators, and other administrators with a detailed guide to the practice of gaming law in Nevada. Written and edited by expert attorneys with decades of experience in the practice of gaming law, this reference manual includes 18 chapters covering topics such as licensing, financing, gaming devices, race and sports books, compliance reporting requirements, interactive gaming, and much more.


In addition, this manual also includes sample exhibits, a keyword index, and a table of authorities. The Nevada Gaming Law Practice and Procedure Manual is produced by the State Bar of Nevada’s Gaming Law Section. 


To select which edition you would like to purchase, please click on "Purchase Individual Topics," found to the right.


For a more complete overview of the contents of the Nevada Gaming Law Practice and Procedure Manual, please see the Table of Contents and contributors list, below:


Table of Contents:

  • Foreword by Governor Brian Sandoval
  • Chapter 1 - Organization and General Procedures
  • Chapter 2 - Licensing: Nonrestricted, Restricted, and Slot Route Operators 
  • Chapter 3 - Licensing of Business Entities 
  • Chapter 4 - Publicly Traded Corporations, Private Equity Companies, and Institutional Investors 
  • Chapter 5 - Transfers of Interest 
  • Chapter 6 - Financings, Bankruptcies, and Restructurings 
  • Chapter 7 - Licensing of Officers, Directors and “Key Employees” 
  • Chapter 8 - Race Books and Sports Pools 
  • Chapter 9 - Gaming Devices, Mobile Gaming Systems, Inter-Casino Linked Systems, Server-Based Gaming, Cashless Wagering Systems, and Associated Equipment 
  • Chapter 10 - Compliance Reporting Requirements and Foreign Gaming 
  • Chapter 11 - Credit and Collection 
  • Chapter 12 - Regulation of Third-Party Activities on Gaming Devices 
  • Chapter 13 - Disciplinary Actions 
  • Chapter 14 - List of Excluded Persons
  • Chapter 15 - Accounting and Audits 
  • Chapter 16 - Gaming Taxes and Fees 
  • Chapter 17 - Lotteries, Promotions, Contests, Tournaments 
  • Chapter 18 - Interactive Gaming 



  • Chief Editor: P. Gregory Giordano
  • Editors: Mark Lerner and Jeffrey R. Rodefer
  • Authors: Michael J. Bonner, Anthony N. Cabot, Mark A. Clayton, Louis V. Csoka, Lou Dorn, P. Gregory Giordano, Terry Johnson, Chan Lengsavath, Glenn J. Light, Dennis K. Neilander, Vernon A. Nelson, Jr., Bob L. Olson, Lars Perry, Jennifer Roberts, Jeffrey R. Rodefer, Karl F. Rutledge, Scott Scherer, Carol L. Wetzel and Patrick Wynn
Formats Available: Nevada Gaming Law Manual: Digital Edition
Original Seminar Date: May 18, 2016
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Collapse Offers of Judgment Flowchart

A Great Visual Reference Tool for any Attorney!

By simply following the steps in this flowchart, attorneys can determine whether NRCP Rule 68 or NRS 17.115 is applicable to their offer of judgment.

The flowchart enhances Chapter 24 of the Nevada Civil Practice Manual by further explaining the architecture of Rule 68 and NRS 17.115 while emphasizing how each rule operates with multiple offerees.

This sturdy, laminated chart folds to fit easily in the Nevada Civil Practice Manual. Measuring 18" x 20", this piece is formatted in a clear, step-by-step fashion.

Formats Available: The Offer of Judgement Flowchart (Hard Copy)
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Collapse The Guide to the Tribal Courts of the Inter-Tribal Council of Nevada

The Guide to the Tribal Courts of the Inter-Tribal Council of Nevada is a digital reference manual offering pertinent information on Nevada’s 16 tribal courts.

The guide includes:

  • Hours of operation
  • Court locations (with pictures)
  • Basics of Admittance
  • And more!

This informative guide is a must-have for any attorney working with the tribal courts in Nevada.
The manual is provided in PDF format and can be used on any device capable of displaying PDF documents.


Formats Available: Download
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